Marma Therapy

It is our specialized treatment for all kind of disease. Marmas are the specific point on the body where the application of pressure induces the flow of vital energy. It helps to maintain proper health and circulation of the body.

Indiacations : All spine related problems especially…………. Spondylosis, Dislocation


Marma pressure pocuts are junctions in the body usually close to the skin surface of important nerves with muscles, veins ,bones and joints. It is said that marmas are constituted of six vital elements, Soma(sleshma) ,Marutha(Vata), teja(Pita) and the three mental types : rajas, tamas and satva. The stimulation of marma points improves pranic flow by limiting stagnalion in the body after a marma point treatment the nervous system is calm and revitalized an essential factor for maintaining mind body balance.